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New York State of Mind

A friend asked whether I could play any Billy Joel, which reminded me that I’ve always liked Billy Joel’s song, New York State of Mind. I hope you enjoy my rendition.

The electric piano plays most of the melody, and attempts to match the notes and syllables of how the song is sung - this varies a bit over the years it was performed,, and nothing is going to match Billy’s expression (especially in later years of live performance).

Transitioning into the solo, is the electric piano playing a cord progression along with cymbals. This is inspired by the start of the verse from James Taylor’s Shed a Little Light which is accompanied by his lyrics: «There is a feeling like a clenching of a fist, there is a hunger at the center of the chest.» Those cords, James’ lyrics, and Carlos Vega playing cymbals in a powerful yet subtle way, is a great combination. I heard a cover of that song the other day, and the cord progression was stuck in my head - so something like it makes a cameo into this song.

The previously mentioned solo, has a shuffle (triplet and ghost-notes) beat, and the bass and electric piano stretch their legs.