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Ivan's Jazzy Christmas 2003 CD

«Ivan’s Jazzy Christmas 2003» are my renditions of 8 more Christmas songs (also check out the previous CD.

A big thanks to those who sent feedback about the 2002 CD!

1. I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas (4:49)

A swing version, with piano, bass, vibes, and drumms.

2. Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire (5:07)

A bassanova, with guitar and piano trading off melody and solos over an upright bass, with drumms joining in later.

3. Let It Snow (3:21) 3.1 Mb)

A waltzy 3/3 version with piano and guitar trading the melody and solos.

4. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas (2:35)

This starts out with a bass solo which walks and swings all over you, and then vibes, piano, and drumms come in for a short yet nice swaggering swing.

5. Frosty The Snowman (4:33)

An ominous, uniquely rhythmed, version of this song with horns play a minor melody on top of piano, bass, and drumms..

6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman (2:31)

The intro is «strait and white,» crashing into swing and more spice for a song which is pretty up-and-down the scale.

7. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (3:46)

Piano and Mouth harp (harmonica) play melody and solo, with bass and drumms and percussion (bongos) laying down some busy (yet still mostly together) time. I’d love to play this some time with a real bass player and drummer - it would go so much farther.

8. Silver Bells (4:42)

A piano solo that slowly builds, with a blues / Gospel feel.