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Back Into Music in 2020

We paused our nomad life in September 2019 to address Michelle developing a spontaneous CSF leak, shortly after which the COVID-19 pandemic began. Feeling a renewed interest in music and knowing we would be staying put for a while, I purchased a Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 keyboard and some software instruments to make some music!

These songs are the first I’ve created with this new gear. I sent a CD as a surprise to my grandmother who is in her late 90s, sequestering herself against COVID-19, and is healing from an unrelated issue - I hope this music helps bring some joy to her days.

  1. Somewhere Over the (Easy) Rainbow - A solo piano, chill version of this classic.

  2. Georgia On My Mind - This recording is from 2010, which my grandmother has never heard, and I included on my CD because it’s a favorite.

  3. Saturday Night Recorded - A composition I wrote that reminds me (after my co-worker Brian mentioned it) of the closing theme to Saturday Night Live. The title represents this iconic show not currently being live, due to the pandemic.

  4. Amazing Grace - A solo piano version, that gets soulful without being too busy.