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Photo of ivan and Seeing Eye dog Zeke, with two 
keyboards and a bass in the background.

This page contains music I have played. I still love to play, but I haven’t arranged songs and recorded / posted them online in a while.

My History with Music

I began playing piano around 1981, at the age of four years old, after showing interest in the different sounds my parent’s baby grand piano could make. In 1990 I played piano in eighth grade orchestra, which was my gateway into jazz and funk and even a little country - so long classical music, and always wanting to improvise classical songs. In 1991 my parents purchased me a Korg M1 keyboard, and I had a great time playing in high school jazz band and starting a DJ business with my brother. The DJ business wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement, transportation, and financial support of mom and dad. In 2002 I purchased a Roland XV-88 synthesizer with SRX-01 (dynamic drums) and SRX-02 (concert piano) expansion boards, which were used to produce most of the music posted here.

I use computer MIDI sequencing software to record multiple tracks (piano, bass, vibes, Etc) from the Roland XV-88. I started out using the Power Tracks sequencer , then switched to the Quick Windows Sequencer (QWS) in 2006 thanks to Andre Louis.

Today there are all sorts of software synthesizers and computerized effects which make it possible to play a gig with a MIDI controller, a laptop, and some MIDI interfaces. I’m content not to have music gear at this point in my life though - see the about page for more…

Georgia On My Mind -

This is a mostly solo piano version of Georgia On MY Mind joined by an electric piano for a little break-out groove at the end.

Jumpstart This -

Jumpstart This is a soulful, light groove with piano, guitar, electric piano, and a bit of funky bass in the middle.

Funk With Berrie -

I wanted to try my hand at a funky tune with Berrie Saxophone, and Funk With Berrie was born. It’s a little funk in G, with some Berrie Sax backgrounds. The Berrie timing is a little off, though.

Piano and Organ Blues -

Nothing like some good ol’ piano and organ blues in C - I love me some Hamond organ vibrato, and tried to get what I could out of the Roland XV-88 organ patches.

Ivan's Jazzy Christmas 2003 -

After the success, fun, and appreciation of the previous CD, I created another one which I also gave to friends and family, and posted online. Get it for yourself at the Christmas 2003 CD page.


I decided to make a few songs that could be
played as introduction to a radio show, or podcast. Check out the intros here.

Ivan's Jazzy Christmas 2002 -

IN 2002 I wanted to do more with music, and created a CD which I gave to friends and family for Christmas. I also put the songs online, and got quite an unexpected number of appreciative emails from people who discovered them! Check out the Ivan’s Jazzy Christmas 2002 CD page.